SESSIONS and WEEKEND FUNDAMENTALS clinics are not running at the moment due it being the off-season, but expect Intrinsic Flow to return in March 2018!


If you're curious about the programs we offer, feel free to take a look below. If you just can't wait till next season and you still want to keep learning, consider booking a private or small group lesson. We can put together a lesson plan to suit your skills and goals.  Click here to go to the contact tab and send me a message or give me a call!


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FUNDAMENTALS (Beginner Clinics)


Fundamentals clinics are geared toward the beginner rider or to those in need of a refresh. if you think that the way you've been doing turns, drops - or whatever -  for the last 5 to 50 years isn't the best, but you're not sure how to change it. This will help! Sign up and start improving today


BASICS Just like the name says, we'll be working on the fundamentals including body positioning, bike/body separation, braking, riding in a straight line, trackstanding and get an introduction to switchbacks. If you are new to the sport or you've been struggling, then this is the place to start. Also a good choice for riders that want to brush-up on these most necessary skills. This two and a half hour clinic is limited to 6 people max

GET OVER IT!  In this follow-up clinic to the Weekend Fundamentals Basics we’ll be working on - you guess it - getting over it! Mountain Biking is filled with obstacles that get in your way. Here, you will learn a variety of approaches to roll over, around or through obstacles including logs, rocks, roots and ruts going uphill, downhill and riding on flat ground. This two and a half hour clinic is limited to 6 people max.

TURNS Seems simple enough, you want the bike to go right, so you turn your bars to the right and it goes right. RIGHT? Well, yes and no. You might be turning, but you most likely are not doing it well as you could be. Here are some things to consider, do you sometimes get nervous on really tight switchback turns? Especially when the turn is going down and turns to your weaker side? Or, do you find that you struggle to keep up with friends when moving fast through flat or off-camber turns (sloped down to the outside.) Or do you find it difficult to carry enough speed to hit jumps before or after turns? If you said yes to either of these, then this clinic could very well change your life. Mountain Biking is turns, my friends, one after another. And when you do it right, it's gloriously fun! EVERYONE can benefit from working on turns, but most of us don't because it seems so simple. Well it is, but it isn't. There is massive room for improvement here with most riders. Do yourself a favor and take this class! Trust me, you won't regret it. This 2.5 hour clinic is limited to 6 people max. 

Note: DROPS 1 - Drops and Rolls has been moved to the Sessions page on this website. I still consider it a beginner level course. Basic trail skills are all that is required to begin learning these skills. Click here to read about or register for Drops 1.