We will return for scheduled service in MARCH of 2019, so we won’t be doing scheduled pick-ups. You can still book a ‘Shuttle By Request’ though. Cost is $140 for up to 4 riders and $30 for each additional rider after that. Use the contact tab above to schedule.

That's right, you read that correctly. New this year, Intrinsic Flow will be offering shuttle service on Chuckanut! If you're an avid mountain biker and you're not familiar with the trails on Chuckanut, then you're in for a real treat. Chuckanut is the only shuttleable trail system in Bellingham, but man, is it's a doozie! With nearly 1800' of elevation loss between the Cyrus Gates Overlook and Chuckanut drive, there is plenty of challenging, scenic trail in between to keep you jazzed about riding there. And starting in April of 2018, Intrinsic Flow will be doing shuttles and guiding in the park! For riders (and hikers!), this means it will be easier than ever to access this amazingly beautiful mountain. 

Intrinsic Flow is a local company and we love trails! We’ve invested 200 hours in trail work so far this year. Double Black and Double Down are absolutely prime right now because of it. Expect to see ongoing work on these and other trails in the park as time goes on.

Normal operating season is March until end of October with typical weather.

More Ways to Ride! 

3-Pack Pass or Punch Card

Intrinsic Flow Chuckanut Shuttles are scheduled in groups of 3, meaning there are 3 trips (scheduled fairly close together) that go from the bottom to top of Chuckanut ridge. We call this a 3-Pack. If you look at the calendar below, you'll see start times for each 3-Pack in green. With this in mind you can either buy a:



This will give you 3 consecutive hours of shuttling for a total of 3 shuttle runs to the top. Note: Customers have approximately 30 minutes to get from the top of Double Diamond Trail (Cyrus Gates Overlook) to the bottom of Double Down (Lost Lake Parking Lot). This should be a reasonable amount of time for an intermediate level rider to make it down without stopping with time to spare. Cost is $33 for a 3-Pack Pass. Scroll down to the calendar at the bottom of the page and choose your start time for a 3-Pack Pass. 





This is the option with the greatest flexibility. With the punch card you get a total of 8 shuttle rides that you can use any time the shuttle is running. Saturdays the van will be doing pick ups in the Lost Lake/Clayton Beach parking lot at 9am, 9:55am, 10:45am, 1pm, 1:55pm, 2:45pm. Sundays the van will be in the lot at 1pm, 1:55pm and 2:45pm. Once you've purchased your card, just show up in the lot and catch your ride! If weather looks threatening check Shuttle Additions and Cancelations to confirm that the shuttle is running. Cost is $64 for an 8 shuttle Punch Card. Click on the "Buy Now" button below to buy your yours! 

NOTE: Punchcards are good until the end of October when the regular shuttle schedule ends. If you purchase a card now, it is assumed that you will be using it for the 2019 season. If you show up to use the Punchcard this month, it will be good for the remaining weekends in October. The final day of scheduled service will October 28.



Can’t fit into your trip into our scheduled times for the shuttle? No problem. Consider doing a ‘Shuttle By Request’. Assuming we’re not otherwise occupied, we’ll be happy to do a private shuttle for you and your friends. Cost is $140 for up to 4 people and $30/person after that for up to 3 hours (3 shuttles). That’s even cheaper per person than with the 3 PACK PASS! We will run shuttles most anytime you would like with enough notice - even after the usual operating season has ended! Note: We can’t do refunds for Shuttles By Request, but we can reschedule if necessary with at least 48 hours notice.

Call or use the Contact Tab above for more info or to make a reservation.

Shuttle Pick-Up Times

Expect the van in the Lost Lake/Clayton Beach Lot at the times below unless weather or an event prohibits it. If you have a 3-Pack Pass reserved, you will be notified of any issues via email or phone. Punch Card riders should check should check "Shuttle Additions and Cancellations" below to confirm shuttles are running. 


Saturday 9 - 3pm  

Morning 3-Pack:     9am, 9:55am, 1045am 

Afternoon 3-Pack:  1pm, 1:55pm, 2:45pm 

Sunday 1 - 3pm

Afternoon 3-Pack:  1pm, 1:55pm, 2:45pm



Shuttle Additions & Cancellations

Punch Card Riders check here before you ride!

We hate to do it. And we do take cancelations seriously. But we do reserve the right to cancel shuttles for weather or events on the mountain that would conflict with shuttling. This would include road closures due to races at the park or road damage. We don’t cancel for rain, but we will cancel for winds forecasted for 20mph or more due to safety concerns. If you bought a 3 Pack Pass (with the calendar below), you’ll be emailed in the event of a cancellation and given the option of rescheduling your ride or a refund. If you’re using a Punchcard, check here to see if the shuttle is running before you show up to the lot.


Saturday - Last chance for scheduled shuttles. Come out and shred!

Sunday - Last chance for scheduled shuttles. Come out and join us for the last day of the season!





Have you signed the waiver yet? If not, print it, sign it and bring it to your first shuttle or tour.




3-PACK PASS Calendar