Van on the Run is an opportunity for riders in Whatcom County to check out other Western Washington riding locales. Imagine taking a day trip to go ride without all the grief of figuring out how to get there, fighting traffic or trying to talk your buddy into taking his car. All you have to do is check in here from time to time to see where were going. If it looks interesting, book your spot on the van and meet us the day of to take an awesome day trip without all the grief involved getting there! Pretty cool, eh?



First up on the list is Duthie Hill Park in Issaquah. If you haven't heard, Duthie is a total candy land of mountain biking features. They've got drops, skinnies, ladder bridges, pump tracks and jumps - lots and lots of jumps. Whatever you're skill level, you can find something to challenge you, that's well built and just plain ridiculously awesome! Don't believe me? See for yourself. Search Duthie Hill on YouTube and see what you find. And all of it's on a parcel that's about 40 acres. Tiny. Trust me, you don't want to miss it!


Have you signed the waiver yet? If not, print it, sign it and bring it to your first shuttle or tour.