We’re now in Off-Season mode here at Intrinsic Flow Instruction until March of 2020. That means we’re done with scheduled clinic for the 2019 season. We’re still happy to do private or small group lessons though. You can take a lesson similar to the Sessions Clinics on this page, Fundamentals (trail skills) clinics here, OR let us know what you want to work on and we’ll tailor a lesson just for you. Use the contact tab above to get ahold of us and let’s set up a time!

SESSIONS (Intermediate & Advanced Level Clinics - 3 hours) 


Sessions is all about doing - and doing it a lot - meaning less talk and a whole lot of guided practice! These clinics are aimed at the Intermediate to Advanced riders that are looking to expand their skill set and push their riding to the next level. Numbered clinics need to be taken in order, though you can start with Drops, Steeps or whatever.

Note: For beginner clinics, check out Fundamentals clinics here.

Want to take a look at other clinics that will be available this season? See the bottom of this page for other clinics not yet on the schedule. More will be added as the summer continues. Want to take a clinic as a individual or small group private lesson? Discounts given for additional students for privates. Send us a message to find out more.

Sessions Clinics

Jumping 1

If you have considered trying to get your wheels off the ground, but you're not sure where to start, then this is for you. This clinic is taught in two parts with the first half being focused on body mechanics and popping (explosively standing into the pedals) and the second half being guided instruction (practice with instructor feedback) working on consistency. We’ll wrap with “The Rules”, Mike’s guide to learning to jump while avoiding injury. Note: Jumping 1 and Jumping 2 clinics have been combined and are now called Jumping 1. The format has not changed. New this year: Clinic is limited to six students max.

Jumping 2 - MIND the GAP

You say you’ve been jumping for awhile, but you’re still struggling with gaps? In this class we’ll build skills for assessing gaps including how to accurately measure jump length, how to determine if a jump is likely to buck and how to line up a jump for the first time. There is a lot of highly useful information here, so if you're starting to push yourself doing gaps, you won't want to miss this! This 3. hour clinic will be taught at Galbraith Mountain. Jumping 3 will be limited to 6 people. Cost of clinic is $220. Please note, you must take Jumping 1 and pass before taking this clinic. If you feel that you have the skills, a private lesson can be a good way to accelerate this process. Registration isn’t done on the website. Please contact us at 360.386.5550 or email for more info. 

Jumping 2 Requirements:

  • Must first take Jumping 1 and Jumping 2 to be considered eligible for Jumping 3.

  • Demonstrate the ability to "pop" with legs without rotating from side to side, forward (endo) or back (loop out).

  • Be consistent with timing the pop 9 out of 10 times with minimal error.

  • If you've taken Jumping 1 and 2 and you're still not sure if you qualify. No worries. Give us a call (see above) or send an email.

Jumping Practice

Have you taken Jumping 1 with me previously and need a brush up or feedback for a persistent problem? I do practice days with the guided instruction portion of Jumping 1 for students that have taken Jumping with me before, Cost is considerably less than the cost of a clinic. If you’re interested send me a message through the contact tab above and I’ll put you on the list for the next available practice.

Drops 1- Drops and Rolls

Feel pretty good about your trail riding prowess, but you want learn to get over more difficult features? Or maybe you want to get your wheels off the ground? This is the place to start. In the first half of this clinic, we'll begin with some basics such as body position and braking, then we'll break down the movements for doing roll-downs (drop-offs that can be rolled) and then dropping (airing off of features that can't be rolled.) In all, you can expect to learn at least two methods for airing and one for rolling, In Drops 1, we'll work with drop-offs that range from 6 to 18 inches. And rolls? If you're feeling confident, rolls could go as high as 6 feet or more. In this, low pressure environment, the choice is totally up to you. This is an excellent clinic for riders new to doing drops, as well as more experienced riders struggling with landing off-axis or front/rear wheel heavy. And if you're thinking about getting into jumping this is an excellent starting point for that. Drops 1 is a 3 hour clinic and has a max of 6 people.

DROPS 2 - Full Commitment Drops

We'll be starting where we left off with Drops 1. I'll do a short explanation of the techniques we talked about and then we'll do some drops and rolls using those techniques with the drop set at a good height for warming up (less than 1 foot). After some time spent working with the drop at this height and getting comfortable, we'll discuss assessing a drop and the "point of no return." Then we'll raise the height slightly to get used the sensation of a committed drop. Once comfortable at this height we'll adjust again and so on. This 3.5 hour clinic is limited to 6 people. Please note, you must take Drops 1 and pass before taking this clinic. If you feel that you have the skills, a private lesson can be a good way to accelerate this process. Registration isn’t done on the website. Feel free to call at 360.386.5550 or use the contact tab for more for questions.


If you ever envied that kid in the neighborhood that could wheelie for days but you felt that doing it yourself was out of reach - then we're here to tell you - your day has come. In this clinic, we'll be delving deep into the dark art that is riding with your front wheel in the air. We'll talk briefly about bike set-up and bike geometry and how this affects the bike. Then, we'll practice skills that will give you the confidence to initiate and maintain control when riding on 1 wheel. Most of this time will be spent working on Wheelies (seated while balancing by pedaling) with an Intro to Manualing (standing while balancing with the hips). This clinic is not to be missed. Be there, or hate yourself every time that 12 year-old neighbor kid passes by your house. This is 2 hour intermediate/advanced level clinic and is limited to 6 people.

Not seeing what you're looking for? I am in process adding new clinics all the time, including more women's specific clinics. Or, if you just can't wait, send me a message! I love feedback. Write me an email and let me know!