This is a limited time offer and will expire when shuttle service officially begins. It is only open to women who participated in the WMBC JoyRiders Event last fall. Please do not forward this link to friends as it is intended for you alone. Please refer friends to the Chuckanut Shuttles page to purchase a Punchcard. Questions? Feel free to use the Contact tab above to email me or call.

Thanks! -Mike

Act now before service begins and you pay only $45 for an 8-Shuttle Punchcard!

Regular 8-Shuttle Punchcard PreSeason Pricing

  • Purchase before March 31 - $50

  • Purchase before May 1 - $59

  • Purchase June 1 or later - $69

2019 Season Scheduled Pick-up Times

Note: Additional pick-ups will be added to accommodate high demand. Particularly holidays.

May 1 to August 31


  • Evening - 6pm, 6:50pm, 7:45pm


  • Morning - 9am, 10:50am, 11:45am

  • Afternoon - 1pm, 1:50pm, 2:45pm

March ? Until April 30th &

Sept 1 to October


  • Morning - 9am, 10:50am, 11:45am

  • Afternoon - 1pm, 1:50pm, 2:45pm


  • Afternoon - 1pm, 1:50pm, 2:45pm

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When will you be running shuttles? Scheduled Shuttle Service begins 9am on March 2nd and will follow the schedule above after that. You will be able to book a 3-Pack Pass or use your Punchcard starting then. You can schedule a ‘Shuttle By Request’ any time of year by using the contact tab above.

How many times can I ride with the Punchcard? - The Punchcard is good for 8 trips to the top of Chuckanut (Cyrus Gates Overlook). 

How many trails can I ride from the top of Chuckanut? - Chuckanut is full of trails, but not all are easily accessible with the shuttle starting from the Lost Lake Day Use Lot. That’s why we also offer pick-up from The North Chuckanut Lot closer to town. This allows riders to ride both Double Black/Double Down as well as Upper Ridge, Lower Ridge, Salal and Hemlock in a half a day with the shuttle.

Does the Punchcard expire? Yes, Punchcards are good for the season that they were purchased. End of season for scheduled shuttles is October.

Is there another way to ride the shuttle? Yes, There are a total of 3 ways to ride. You can…

  • Book a ‘Shuttle By Request’ anytime of year. Cost is $140 for up to 4 riders and $30 for each additional. Use the Contact Tab above to schedule a Shuttle By Request.

  • Book ‘3-Pack Pass’. Once Scheduled Shuttle Service starts March 2, you will be able to book a reservation for 3 consecutive shuttles. Cost will be $33 for a 3-Pack Pass for 3 hours of shuttling (up to 3 shuttles). 3 hour long 3-Packs start at 9am, 1pm or 6pm depending on the day. Check back here to book a 3-Pack Pass. Calendar should be live in February to schedule rides in March. See Schedule Service Pick-Up Times above for times.

  • Use a Punchcard. Buy a punchcard and once Scheduled Shuttle service starts up March 2, just show up in the Lost Lake Lot. Give the driver your name and card number and jump on. See Schedule Service Pick-Up Times above for times.

Can I share my Punchcard with a friend? - Sorry, but no. Each card is linked to one rider, so it can’t be used by multiple people.

Can I give a Punchcard as a gift? - Sure thing! You can give a card that you purchased to a friend as a gift, so long as it hasn’t been used yet. The first time it is, the card is linked to the rider that uses it. For the purposes of the JoyRiders Promotion, you can only buy one card at that rate.

Does a Punchcard guarantee me a spot on the Shuttle at a specific time? It does not. On Scheduled Shuttles a certain number of seats are reserved for 3-Pack Pass customers and some are left open for Punchcard riders.

Is the Chuckanut Shuttles Punchcard an actual card that I have to carry? - Nope. It’s virtual. The Punchcard is actually just a name and a number that you’re assigned when you bought the card. When you come out to ride, we get your name and the ‘Card’ number and note the day and time that you rode in our records. Great part is you’ll never lose your card or have to worry that you left it in your other pants. It’s always with you because it’s just your name and a 4 digit number. Of course, If you would like to have something tangible to give as a gift, we’re happy to provide a gift certificate.