Fundamentals Beginner to Intermediate Level Clinics

 Where to begin? You might be wonder that. If you are then Fundamentals clinics will be just the ticket. Geared to beginner to intermediate level riders, these clinics are the foundation of more advanced skills. Proper body position, braking, turning and developing good body awareness and control are key to progressing as a rider. Start here and spend the time to cultivate the Fundamentals and avoid plateaus in your skills development. More importantly, learn it right the first time so you don’t have to unlearn bad habits. Building solid foundational skills are the key to higher level riding, so don’t shortchange your riding future, spend some time getting to know the Fundamentals.

Note: If you’re looking for more advanced clinics (Steeps, Drops or Jumping) check out our Sessions clinics here.

Other Clinics This Summer…

MORE GETTING OVER IT (Date TBD) - Sometimes the obstacles are big, too big to just roll over and too big to shift your weight to get past. Be they tall or long, rounded or square, sometimes you've just got to give'r! And that's were this clinic comes in. Expect explosive movements and precise timing to be a necessity with skills taught in this clinic. You don't have to have them immediately, but we will be working to develop it. Downed log in the trail? Not a problem. Got a rock ledge you've got to hop onto? Yeah, we got that. If it involves aggressively getting your wheels up and over barriers, then this is your clinic. If you took my GET OVER IT clinic last year, this will be familiar.  This two hour clinic is limited to 6 people max